Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Same Same but Different

The days are flying by so fast. Amazing considering I seem to do the same things all day every day and always end the day thinking "damn I still didn't get to do the ironing"... or wash the floor... or finish decorating bub's room.... A good day sees me showered before DH gets home, the laundry hamper closer to empty than full and the breakfast dishes washed before dinner. These are now the markers of my day - not how many invoices I sent out or how much profit we made last week.

But just when I think I have some kind of a routine happening, Kayla does something to remind me that it is she who is in charge - thank you very much. This week its rolling, and flipping on to her tummy - not so good at bringing her hands up under herself yet, so there's also a lot of flailing legs and mashing her face into the rug. I'd been dragging my feet with the whole moving her out of our room and into her cot thing, when she decided to force the issue and start rolling around in the cradle. Last night was the first night she's slept in her cot. She did much better than I did. I had the baby monitor right beside me but my heart pounded for the first hour because I couldn't hear her breathing which obviously meant she wasn't. I made myself wait for an hour because I knew I was being ridiculous (which is surely ridiculous in itself!).

Another new hobby of hers is talking. She's also been pretty chatty but now she's found a whole bunch of new sounds to play with. I love waking up in the morning listening to her "sing". She has such a such gorgeous girly little voice and she just sounds so happy nattering away to herself. I hope she can sing, a talent I totally missed out on, and play a musical instrument like her dad. Ju.lie Andr.ews was being interviewed on tv this morning and they kept playing footage of her singing "the hills are alive" and Kayla seemed to be listening and smiling, I said "that lady can sing almost as good as mummy", she stopped smiling and turned to me with a very blank look. Ouch!