Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Fire photo's

Firestorm. What hope did they have?
A volunteer fire fighter cares for a thirsty koala.
The town of Marysville is all but destroyed.


Mrs M@sk said...

It's just devastating :-( All those lost people, animals and property :-(

OHN said...

Shocking photos. It is heartbreaking. In the States the people in California have wild fires that are awful too.

The picture of the koala and firefighter...absolutely beautiful. Are they not afraid of people??

Wordgirl said...


I have been thinking of you all so often.



Another Julia said...

Thank goodness you're okay.

My heart just breaks thinking about the overwhelming losses there.

Stacie said...

There is nothing like the dark clouds of a huge fire, the heavy smell of smoke in the air, and the way ash covers everything. We go through it far too often here in CA.

And when it is started by arsonists...for no other reason that a cheap thrill at everyone else's expense...it is just heartbreaking.

Sending love and hugs to you all.

jungletwins said...

So heartbreaking and horrible.
Very glad that you are okay though, and that your pregnancy is progressing beautifully. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families.

Stacie said...

Just checking in--hope all is well.