Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Belly shot

I have always been terribly un-photogenic, but this was an especially bad photo of me. I considered telling you that I cropped off my head for reasons of anonymity, but the truth is it was just vanity. And besides, I didn't upload this photo to show you my face anyway.

This was taken last weekend at 19 weeks. My 2 closest girlfriends and I went away for 5 days to celebrate our 40th birthdays (although mine is still not for another few months). We had a ball cruising around wineries, doing touristy things and just chilling together. Both friends have young kids so we were up early everyday and did loads of walking. On the plane home on Monday my feet had blown up to the size of footballs and I felt so exhausted I was close to tears when DH picked me up. I slept most of Tuesday and am home from work again today. Slacker. Who knew that growing a human being inside you would be so tiring?!

I adore my friends and they have tried to support me through the last few years of bullshit (only missing the mark a few times). They are so excited for me now and are suddenly a lot more inclusive. I was rarely invited to kids parties and they get together quite a bit without me, but now there's even talk of family weekends away. I'm not sure if I should be insulted or just pleased to finally "fit in" with them again. Actually, I choose to accept it and be happy because I promised DH I would not allow myself to become bitter about what infertility took from us for so long.

I have my 20 week anatomy scan tomorrow and can't wait. I am starting to feel some movements but due to the anterior placenta they are fairly few and far between so it will be great to check on bub tomorrow. I hope s'he has recovered from the weekend.


Stacie said...

You. Are. Beautiful. And I am so very happy for you. :-)

eden said...

Omg. That is so so so awesome.

You look great!!! Look!!!

I recently heard someone describe having a baby after being infertile as having the cheerleaders ask you to sit at their table. Good on you Louise, for not letting the bitterness in the way.

Love to you mate. XOXOXOXOX

Wordgirl said...

You do look beautiful -- hooray!!!

I'll be thinking of you with your scan coming up -- and I love your attitude -- it is so difficult to forgive IF -- and enter into the sounds like things are opening up.



Chris said...

All kinds of lovely! So happy for you :)

Mrs M@sk said...

You look gorgeous pregnant! Can't wait to hear about the scan!

Joonie said...

Looking Good! Good luck with the scan tomorrow!

sara said...

You look great! It is such a strange feeling being more accepted now that you're pregnant after infertility...the others are so right. Kind of feels like the cheerleader phenomenon. ((hugs))