Thursday, 28 May 2009


I turned 40 yesterday!

Yep I am officially a middle-aged woman. If something newsworthy happened to me today I would no longer be reported as a young woman, nor a woman in her 30s, I would be a middle-aged woman! Or, as in the case of a woman who drove her car over an embankment last week and almost landed in the Yarra river, a heavily pregnant woman.

I had been planning a big party for this Saturday, a kind of last hurrah before bub arrives, but I've decided that I just don't have the stamina at the moment. By 10pm I'm exhausted, my skin is so itchy I can no longer stand to have any clothes on, and my legs are kicking up a storm. Hmmm, a cranky, naked, twitching middle-aged woman who can't drink or dance - not exactly a party animal!

Anyway, I had a great day yesterday. My friends took me out to lunch then DH and I had a beautiful romantic dinner for two.

We are down to 3 weeks between Ob visits now. Last week I had more blood tests and another Gestational Diabetes test (the non-fasting one) which I passed. Fundal height measured 31cm, so a week and a half to 2 weeks ahead, but the Ob said he's not yet ready to call it a big baby. Which is strange, because every man and his dog I meet in the street feels adequately qualified to tell me I'm either having a ten pound boy, or there is another, ultrasound-shy baby hiding in there too.

We attended 2 classes at the hospital last weekend - 'Labour & Childbirth' and 'Early Parenting'. Both of which we found pretty uninformative. The hospital is meant to be Melbourne's best private maternity facility, and each of the 15 couples paid $170 for the day, you'd think they could at least ensure their facilitators turn up on time and include a tour of the facilities. A decent cuppa would have been nice too while I'm complaining.


Sassy said...

Happy Birthday!

Melbagirl said...

Hi Stepmonster!

I'm frightened we've left our classes too late. We're booked in for Sat the 11th of July. That's only 1 month before they're due. Maybe I'll try and change it. I'll let you know how it goes (hopefully we'll get a cuppa at the Freemasonss).

Anyhoo ... glad to see you are well (and huge!)

Vee said...

Glad you had a nice time.

Bummer about the classes I hope mine are not disappointing, I have been looking forward to them.

I hope the itching gets better for you.

Wordgirl said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY...let me tell you again, my friend, how pleased I am to read your posts -- even though it sounds a bit uncomfortable at the moment -- I'm just so happy for you and yours and the bub...

Ah classes. Yes, I suppose that will happen at some point...I'm still at the point where it seems to unreal that I hope it sinks in before I miss deadlines!

I've been thinking of you,



Mrs M@sk said...


Shame about the sucky classes. I told my hospital booking me in when I would be 34 weeks was a silly idea, lol.

eden said...


I hope you had a wonderful time .... ahhhhh, the itchy skin. Drove me NUTS. Amazing how much crap we have to put up with, huh!!

Love to you my peep. XOXOXOXOX