Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Almost 6 months!

I had my Gestati.onal Dia.betes test this morning. I had one of these a few years ago as part of my PCOS diagnosis and my result was borderline. At that time I was in the middle of a low GI diet, this time I am in the middle of a chocolate binge. I am not confident.

The lastest wave of hormones seem to have hit. The past few days I've been feeling more tired than usual, breasts are throbbing, and I often find myself on the verge of tears for absolutely no reason.

I have been experiencing some cramping feelings lately really low in my abdomen, could be bub using my cervix as a personal trampoline, could just be cramps. I wish I knew. Earlier in the piece I was bursting to buy every pregnancy book, but kept putting it off until after the next test. Now, I rearely even look at the one book I have. Very unlike me. I'm enjoying just soaking in the experience as I'm feeling it. It's also possible I have a few avoidance issues about the birth, but hey, plenty of time for that!


Anonymous said...

Coming up on 6 months! Woo hoo that's AWESOME! You're definitely in the thick of it, and the hormones can be a bit of a pain, but definitely an exciting time. Is your baby moving around a lot?

Mrs M@sk said...

I get lots of punches in the cervix. OUCH! I think there will be lots of skewed results with GD testing around Easter time! xo

sara said...

6 months...that's great! I hope your test turns out well and I remember the pokes in the cervix. But ouch...sounds painful!

m said...

It's been a while since I checked in, am so glad to hear that all is going so well! I had my GD test as well this week, I haven't heard anything back so I figure no news is good news!