Thursday, 14 June 2007

7th Cycle

Well here we go again... We have started our 7th ART cycle this week. We are madly praying it will be successful and therefore our last cycle. Not being a religious person I have no idea of the origins of the term 7th Heaven, but that is what I am calling this cycle so I hope its a good thing. Maybe I should google it. Isn't it great that we don't have to have any general knowledge anymore - if you don't know what something is or where it is you just jump on the net and google it. DH's kids can't recall their school projects the day after they complete it because they have just copied all the info from internet sites without even bothering to read it. In my day we had to at least re-write it from a book...

Anyhoo, I am getting way off track again. This is a 'boost' cycle so its very short. We started Synarel nasal spray on last Thursday and injections last Friday, and today [Thursday 14th] "FannyCam" revealed 11 follicles on the right ovary and 15 on the left. [That sounds a lot I know but most are probably cysts, still I am hopeful that we should get 8-10 eggs.] Most were quite small <13mm, so I should be able to hold out until Monday or Tuesday next week for collection. I am worried about DH though - he has been sick over the last month or so, catching cold after cold, which is very unlike him - so I don't know what sort of state his swimmers will be in. The Dr says that his swimmers are 3 months old by the time they are needed so I hope he was looking after himself in March!

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