Thursday, 21 June 2007

Mother of 8

Well haven't I been a busy thing this past week. While on the nest brewing up a nice little pile of eggs, I have spring-cleaned my house (in mid-winter) hosted a first birthday party for my niece, looked after numerous overnight guests, had aforementioned eggs harvested and caught a cold!

The egg collection happened on Monday and netted a tidy 16 eggs. No wonder I couldn't fit into any of my clothes for the party. I felt like an absolute heffalump after the operation too and thought for sure that I would overstimulate but luckily haven't. DH is a bit disappointed that only 8 eggs fertilised [his usual success rate is close to 100%] but considering that I only got 5 last time and achieved a pregnancy with a 4-6 cell embryo transfer we should be over the moon. At least this time we should be guaranteed of at least one growing to a 5 day blastocyst, and hopefully a couple to freeze. My Dr tells me they are getting 60%+ success rates with blastocysts - I must admit this survival of the fittest theory makes me a little uncomfortable, but lets save the ethics of IVF for another day [like after it has worked for me]. I will find out tomorrow how many are still growing and what time the transfer will be on Saturday.

We are staying at a B&B this Saturday night so that should be nice. I don't think you are meant to have sex for 24 hours after an embryo transfer though so that may be a let down [literally] for DH. Most men get more sex when their wife wants to get pregnant but my poor baby gets less.

PS: DH has bought No.1 son a car - looks like No.1 daughter will soon get her pony! C'est la vie

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