Saturday, 18 August 2007

Lucky 8 update #2

Yesterday was egg collection day. 8 eggs were collected, 3 from the right and 5 from the left ovary. The Dr must have scooped them out with a spoon, because I had more blood and pain than any of my other IVF procedures.

Today I received a phone call from the clinic to say that there was "no sperm binding" so only one egg had fertilised. I'm sorry, once more in English please.... According to the indisputable higher wisdom of i think sperm binding refers to a protein that coats the egg and allows the egg and sperm to bind together.

This leads me to believe that my eggs are duds, which leads me to believe that I have reached the point of "too old" and that there is no hope and that I should just kill myself now and be done with it.

I am booked in for embryo transfer on Monday, assuming that the one that managed to fertilise will manage to still be alive on Monday. Last cycle, out of 9 embyros, only about 4 lived to day 3. So don't hold your breath.

Overall an incredibly sad, crap, and glass-half-empty kind of a day....


bean said...

Hello... I'm so sorry to read about this cycle. How horribly disappointing. I really hope the little embryo makes it to transfer. Thinking of you.

LL said...

oh faaaark! I am so, so sorry. It just makes no sense, does it, when you do everything you can.