Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Lucky Number 8 ?

We have started a new IVF cycle this week, which is attempt number 8. Desperately hoping that cycle number 8 in the 8th month will be a good omen for us. Trying a new protocol this time called Antagonist. Instead of having to down-regulate the hormones with Synarel nasel spray, we start straight away on Puregon injections to stimulate the ovaries then about day 7 or 8 start other injections to prevent ovulation. Goodie, more dart practice for DH!


topcat said...

Hello! I couldn't resist reading your blog - I, too, am an evil stepmonster (3 stepkids, one 'real kid'). I'm currently doing IVF #1.

Good luck with it - I really hope that 8 is the lucky last time you have to go through all of this.


LL said...

Good luck... This shit is a killer isn't it?