Friday, 25 July 2008

Good Golly Follie

The sonographer today counted 40+ follicles! No wonder I couldn't get out of bed this morning!

I have been worrying about doubling my dose of Pure.gon this time and overstimulating, but the follie count hasn't gone up terribly much from last time and my hormone levels are fine so it all looks ok so far.

Most of the follicles are about between 12-14mm so I'll have 2 more stims and then trigger Sunday night. Retrieval will be Tuesday. I have to travel about 2 hours to the other clinic because Dr No wants to do the procedure himself. To be honest I actually prefer the other clinic, the view is not as good, but they only do gyno procedures so its more comfortable, and prettier too.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post, I really appreciate your input. Rose is coming this weekend so I'll talk to her then. Pam at Wordgirl, I have to say that step-parenting is the hardest thing I've ever done too. LL you make me laugh so much my ovaries hurt! Unfortunately yes, the Screaming Banshee is definitely a wanna-be Rober.ta, with purple hair!


Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

Good Golly Mrs Follie indeed! Hope your EPU isn't too early in the morning having to travel so far. We use the travelling as an excuse to stay in the city sometimes :-)

Joonie said...

40+, OMG that is unbelievable. Good luck on the retrieval!

Topcat said...

Ok. I read the post below yesterday, and at 4am this morning, found myself wondering what my assvice would be .... fellow Stepmonster and all. I think just to be there for Rose, and listen to her ... which sounds like you are already doing.

To feel validated by an adult, at that age, would be so powerful. My mum used to say "girls are just little bitches" ... and look directly at me.

And now ... 40 FOLLIES!!! Yee-hah!! That is so bloody farkin unreal. My goodness I have wonderful, spidey senses. Can't wait to see how go, thinking of you so much!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxxox

Taming the Gremlin said...
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andi said...

Hello my dear - wow wow wow - 40 is a womb full!! Hope you are eating lots of protein... and I am sure you are drinking an ocean of water.

And thanks for your comments about progynova- I didn't think you were being rude. So far no reaction from me - but it is early days. And yes you are right about the syranel sniffing - I was getting confused thinking that twice a day was a double dose - but it only lasts in your system 12 hours... so my sister is only taking one dose.

What dose of puregon are you on this time?

Good luck for retrieval - will be waiting to hear how you went.

Lisa said...

You must be all triggered up by now. Hope all them crazy follies aren't causing you too much pain. Best of luck at the ER tomorrow!