Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I took my mother-in-law out for lunch today. I had invited my mother as well, but she was waiting on a phone call so couldn't make it! Her fourth Grandchild is due any day now you see. God forbid that she'd be wasting time with me when such important things are happening 100kms away from her.

Oh, I suppose I shouldn't be bitter. I think that my mother is jealous that she's not needed this time, my sister-in-law's mother is here from the UK, so all she can do is sit and wait for the announcement. But, really, I do get sick of being bumped for the Grandkids. Oh, and with every new baby celebration my mother turns to me and whispers "You should at least try to be happy for them". I am Mum, this grimace IS my happy face. ARRRRGGHHHH! I should never have told her!

I love my brother and his wife and I absolutely adore their 2 year old. I truly hope this baby is a boy, my brother will be an awesome dad to a son. But I can't wait until its all over so that we might talk about something else.


Sassy said...

Oh God, how frustrating. I hope the new baby arrives quickly and safely so you can have some time with your Mum again.

Joy said...

Oh yes. I couldn't get my parents' attention for years when my brother's children were first born. The Christmases when the grandkids couldn't come, and they were stuck with just me, they called the "off years." Mmmm. It wouldn't hurt so much if I didn't want kids but of course I was dying the whole time.

andi said...

Hi my dear - thanks for your comment.... our chat with the doc went well - and my sister got her period yesterday so we are doing a flare cycle.

Feel for you with your brother's baby on the way - toooo draining for words.

Hope you are doing okay.

Kenya said...

I'm sorry. That situation just sucks.