Thursday, 29 January 2009

Passed! (Updated)

I passed my physical exams yesterday with a High Distinction!

Bub was wriggling and giggling and even turned to face us during the scan which was just amazing. I am so, so relieved! Next appointment is in three weeks.

The breast exam went well also. Next appointment in 12 months. The surgeon asked me how long did I hope to breastfeed for as this would affect the appointment timing. I had not even thought about it!

I relayed the conversation to my mother as I thought it was so funny, and she said "well how did you think the baby would be fed dear?", "I haven't really allowed myself to think as far ahead as even having a baby yet mum" - long silence - "oh".

These loss anxieties and defence mechanisms are so normal to me, sometimes I forget that they may not make sense to other people. I still look at the ultrasound screen and think "oh wow, look at the little baby bouncing around on the screen, how cute" but it hasn't really sunk in yet that its my body and my baby.

In other news:
- My work computer at home has died (you know what that means - I can blog all day on the kids computer! - or I could go into the office....)
- The mercury is set to hit 43 degrees today (109f) and my backyard is full of men digging massive big holes ready to lay the concrete slab for our house extensions. I wonder how long they will last?


The temperature has managed to reach 44C/111F so far here today with only 10% humidity! You can feel your skin start to shrivel the moment the sun hits you - no wonder we have such high skin cancer rates. The minimum overnight last night was 29/84 and will be again tonight. My workmen lasted until 10am which was a pretty good effort. I hadn't expected them to turn up at all today, and they did a phenomenal amount of work in those 3 hours.

I have the world's noisiest (and ugliest) portable air-con in the dining room with me, which is keeping the room at a balmy 31/88 degrees. Bub and I are on our 4th litre of water for the day. Days like this bring out my Scottish roots.... Help me, I'm melting!!


Wordgirl said...

109? Degrees? has been 110 degrees colder than that here !!

I am SOOO relieved for you.

So thrilled.



Polly Gamwich said...

WHEW! So glad to hear a great report! And there are a few out here who get that you don't think it'll actually be a baby.

So happy for you, and jealous that it's 109 degrees! I'm in California, so it's 60 degrees and I've got nothing to complain about - I just LURVE summer!

OHN said...

How strange it is to hear of temps like that when all of our schools were closed today because of snow!

eden said...


Awesome news, so so so very happy and thrilled for you. And I totally understand your caution and care. But, the bigger you get, aint no denying the lil miracle that's growing inside of you!!!!


ps. my word verification says "nosonbut .." obviously it means you're having girl!! XOX

Stacie said...

Great news!!! I am so happy for you. What a great day! :-)

andi said...

Fabooooooo - really pleased to hear your good news. Yippppeeee. I am supposed to be coming down to Melb tomorrow afternoon - but am seriously thinking of cancelling. My mum was supposed to have a hip replacement today but she cancelled cause of the heat. It has really knocked everyone in Vic around. Thinking of you. Keep drinking.

Wordgirl said...

I had no idea it got THAT hot -- at least its a dry heat, right?

Isn't that better? When I lived in Colorado the summers might get hot, but it was dry heat -- which I liked -- in Minnesota, where I live, it gets over 100 F -- but then we have really high humidity too -- which is unbearable.




Another Julia said...

So excited that your little bean is doing so well (and that you are too).

Lisa said...


Chris said...

Woot! Wonderful news. You're doing beautifully :) Go team Louise!