Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Nothing much is going on here - which I am not complaining about!

Work is frantically busy so DH is the stress ball from hell. Our house is still half burnt down and no work is due to start in the foreseeable future. We can't cycle again until we have received the all-clear from the chromosomal tests. I should ring the nurse to ask if she has the results yet but Doc said he would ring personally as soon as he got them [read; as soon as he returns from his latest holiday]. I would rather know now but on the other hand I would rather hear bad news from Doc than his unfortunate nurse who was born without an empathy bone.

So we do what we always do.... we wait... after all that is what IVF is about, for us anyway...

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topcat said...

Ugh - the mofo infernal waiting - I hope it ends soon.

About your half-burnt house. It's like a big version of the glass half full, half empty syndrome.

"Ohhhh, half my house burnt down! But, look at the bright side - we still have half a house to live in!"

(Sorry, I'm in a strange mood)

Take care. xox