Tuesday, 9 October 2007

To Do List

It is a beautiful spring day here. A few Simpsons clouds in an otherwise faultless blue sky with a light, fresh breeze. My two cats, Scaredy Cat and Super Cat are stretched out on the paving in the courtyard. The most gorgeous little birds flitting cheekily around them. There are just a few blossoms left on the fruit trees and the weeping cherry [above photo taken a few weeks ago], all of the tulips have flowered this year and look just stunning. We have had quite a bit of rain lately so the grass is freshly mowed and green. The crepe myrtle I thought was dead has leaf buds everywhere and the azaleas below it are flowering. Days like this remind me why I love living in the country and having land around me.

However, beautiful days like this also show the areas of the garden I have neglected lately. We are not doing any IVF this month so I really must make time to get out there. When we are doing an IVF cycle there are so many things I can't do - some of them are like 'rules' but others I think are just my superstitions, like not handling cat poo [which can be dangerous for pregnant women] or horse poo [which probably doesn't matter], but it tends to keep me out of the garden a bit anyway.

There are loads of other things I plan to do this month while we are not cycling, such as:
Indulge in a feast of sushi and sashimi and a bottle of wine
Have lots of baths [had one last night - mmmm so relaxing]
Go to the local swimming pool at least once
Fertilise the fruit trees
Clean out the horse's paddock
Set up a compost heap
Have a day at a Spa with the girls [no kids allowed]
Get an exterminator in to kill the flying ants that are attempting to colonise our lounge room
Plant poppy seeds for summer
Walk every day

I will let you know far through the list I get....

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