Tuesday, 27 November 2007

6 more sleeps...

7 days since transfer.
Blood test next Monday.
How early can I POAS?
Should I POAS?

Had a monster, almost-migraine-like headache and nausea [probably pain related] yesterday, and woke with a sore throat and snotty head this morning.

Have had really low and almost constant period-like cramps since transfer. Yeah, I know, possible side effect of the progesterone gel.

Nipples have been quite sore, on and off, but seem to be becoming less so over the last few days. Another possible side effect of the gel, or even Pre.gnyl still loitering in my system?

I'm so confused.
I hate this waiting.


topcat said...

WOW. Oh, I hope so, so much that this is it for you!! So much!

I POASed every single day after my transfer. Watched the stick gradually go white ... then the faintest of positives on 8dp2dt.

Crossing everything for you. GOOD LUCK!! xox

LL said...

POAS stick now! still crossing everything for you

Rachel said...

Waiting sucks. I'd POAS about 10 dpo. Were they three day embryos? Then do it today!