Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Cycle 9 - Update #1

Today is CD10

I went in for a blood test and fanny-cam yesterday. The Sonographer did not say a word the entire time which was a bit unnerving - I kept trying to look for things on the screen that shouldn't be there in case she was seeing something she didn't want to tell me. As far as I could tell, the u/s showed lots of follies [but that means nothing as I have PCOS] but there were a couple of good sized ones too.

When the nurse rang, she said I was doing well and EPU will be this Friday, which will be CD12, which sounds awfully early to me. Each cycle I am disappointed by the number of eggs I produce, I know that my Doc prefers a small number of eggs, and so the drug doses and treatment plan he puts me on is all geared towards this. I know this, but I am still disappointed - why is it so hard for me to adjust my expectations about this? Anyway, I just have to hope that my few precious eggs are especially good ones.

Due to the disastrous sperm-binding incident of cycle #8, we are doing ICSI [sperm injection] this time. DH has been taking handfuls of vitamins every day for the last few months to build up his swimmers, and now we are just going to pick out half-a-dozen or so Ian Thorpe and Michael Phelps look-alikes, and the rest will be discarded. Quite a waste really.

I always find it amazing, even though I am now a certified cynic after so many failed attempts, that a little bit of excitement and hope starts to creep in about now....


Vee said...

I am in the same boat with hope creeping.

Fingers crossed you get a good number of strong eggs and a some Thorpies!

topcat said...

Ohhh, treat yourself to some excitement and hope - for it does feel nice, and Lord knows you bloody deserve it.

Good luck for your EPU! How exciting. I'm hoping this is the one for you, I really do. xo

Rachel said...

Excitement and hope are a bitch, aren't they?