Monday, 19 November 2007

Egg Pick Up

Had my EPU on Friday with 4 eggs collected. WE did ICSI this time and all 4 fertilised, they will try to grow them to blasty so transfer should be Wednesday. I will find out tomorrow for sure. We are only putting one back so hopefully there may be at least one to freeze.

My clinic does the full general anesthetic during EPU, but I became aware during the op which was really weird. I couldn't see but I could hear people talking and hear myself groaning and wondered why they couldn't hear me. I wasn't aware of any other part of my body, but I could feel the needle [or whatever they use] piercing the wall of the vagina, I felt this about three times and it hurt so bad that when I properly came to in the recovery room I was crying. I told the doc and she told the anesthetist who said it is quite common because the level of sedation is so light.

Anyway, after I had a cuppa and a cold, tasteless sandwich they said I could get up to get dressed. Well when I stood up, a bucket load of bright red blood absolutely gushed down my legs and all over the floor. It was freaky. I felt fine, but had to stay there for another hour to make sure it was just 'pooled blood' and not an actual bleed. All in all, a very strange day!

Yesterday, I met up with a group of IVFers from my clinic and met some really interesting people. There was about 10-12 couples of varying shapes and sizes and ages. One woman was 49 [but looked nothing like it] and was having all sorts of trouble with her egg donor now wanting to be 'reimbursed' [which is illegal in this state]. Sadly, I was one of the veterans. And of course there is always the one who fell pg first time with her one and only embryo. Lucky bee-atch. But she was gorgeous too. Naturally the women chatted away like chimps immediately, but it took the guys a bit longer to warm up. I normally shy away from networking type events [way outside my comfort zone] but I'm glad I went.

Grow little embies, grow, grow, grow!


Vee said...

It sounds like a horrible EPU experience.

Grow Embies Grow !!!

Morrisa said...

Grow embies grow! Now I'm a little freaked about the EPU!

topcat said...

Good luck for your transfer! I can't believe you could feel your ER, poor thing, sheesh.

I hope your embies are all growing beautifully. xo