Wednesday, 7 November 2007

And the Angels said... Just Relax

I went to see my Chiropractor the other day, and noticed that he had a pack of those Angel cards in the waiting room. You know the ones sort of like Tarot Cards; you think of a question then pick a card which is supposed to be some Divine Being answering your question. You also know what my question was. The first card said something about having faith in your own abilities, blah, blah, blah, you just need to relax! WTF! I hate being told that!

So incensed was I that I put the card back and picked another. I asked the same question. The second card said that one shouldn't wish for unattainable things, that one should just relax and let the universe bring you what you need, or some such nonsense. Then [oh no it's not over yet my friend] my usual chiropractor was not in and the woman I saw asked lots of questions about what I was doing to reduce my stress levels! Not only did this piss me off further but now I had the horrid word 'unattainable' filling my head. Well, yes ok I am stressed now..! Can I go back to my first card?

I know stress; stress and I go way back. I have experienced stress; the kind of stress that keeps you awake all night in a cold sweat with your pulse racing, causes you to lose a lot of weight really fast even though you're comfort eating like a fool and makes your body stop menstruating for six months. These days I might notice that my jaw is tensed or that I am holding my body in a tense way at times, and have a knot-in-my-stomach anxious feeling, but this is not unusual. Show me a woman doing IVF who is not stressed... even a pregnant one! Impossible, right? So stop telling me to just relax and I'll be fine...

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