Thursday, 30 October 2008


Tuesday at the breast clinic was a surreal day. 4 hours in a room full of ladies my mothers age in dressing gowns. Four women touched my breasts, 3 of whom I wanted to punch in the face because they hurt me so much. (Not quite the male fantasy you were expecting hey googlers?)

Everyone could feel the lump but no cyst or anything else ominous was showing on the mammogram or ultrasound, so they sent me across the road to the hospital to see a specialist breast surgeon. She suggested it was a fatty tissue deposit most probably caused by the IVF meds. She did a needle biopsy and sent me home with a band-aid on my breast. Her office rang yesterday afternoon to say the tissue sample was benign fatty breast tissue. Yay! Today my breast is bruised black and blue, oh and a spash of red as a reaction to the band-aid. Boo!

I have to see the surgeon again in 3 months and the breast clinic in 12 months. But in the meantime I can continue with Cycle Number 13! First stim injection was last night, so we are off and racing.....

PS: the weekend away was fabulous. We ended up inviting some friends to stay Saturday night with us so it was a bit more boozy than relaxing but a lovely change of scenery all the same. I highly recommend Marks Restaurant in Lorne. Yum.


Wordgirl said...


Oh I will be thinking of you and lucky number 13. Truly.

I wish I could go to Lorne but I'm certain G would nix that particular plan





Melbagirl said...

That is such good news (big, deep breath).

Now for the action ☺

Stacie said...

Great news! I am so very glad all is well. Now, here's praying to lucky 13!!!

Lisa said...

SUCH good news.

Hope your spirits are up and ready to rumble through this cycle!

Melanie said...

Damn straight it was benign! Lucky 13 indeed!

Stepmonster said...

Yay for you. Had my own scare a few years back and it turned out the same. It's a great weight lifted isn't it?

Topcat said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking of you all week, wondering how you went.
Yay ....... poor boobie, though!


Mrs M@sk said...

YAY YAY YAY to being benign! BOO to the scare being caused from IVF, silly drugs. Come on lucky 13!

Joonie said...

That is excellent news! I'm also glad you had a nice weekend away.

Take care of yourself.

Kenya said...

I'm glad that your weekend went well. I wish you luck.

Sassy said...

I'm so glad. :)