Friday, 10 October 2008

Topcat's Inaugural Downunder Dork-Off

In the interests of Topcat's sanity (and pure entertainment value), I am entering her Dork-off Competition. It's easy - just find the dorkiest photo of yourself and post it for the world to see! Link it back to her blog.

The first pic (can you tell I don't know how to add photos properly in blogger?) is me in 1984 around my 15th birthday. I had insisted that I be allowed to get my hair permed for my 15th birthday. I think my mother let me have it done just for a laugh, but at the time I thought it was so cool. Later, at the height of Howard Jones' 80's popularity, I spiked it up even boofier and cut the sides above my ears really short. Camera's were obviously banned in our house during that period. My hair colour looks quite red in this shot and although I have the skin tone of a red head I'm not really, I think its just that the photo is so very old!

The second pic is of me at about 10 when I entered (?) and won (!) the "Miss Nowhere Town" at the Nowhere Town Show. In my defence, I vaguely recall that my mother and her friends made me enter because no-one liked the mother of the girl who had won the past 3 years. Checkout those skinny pins! Oh, and the glow in the dark sandals. Noice!

For almost 2 years I have kept this blog anonymous, now in the last month I have spilled my name and posted photo's of myself. Oh dear. Although I'm pretty sure no-one would be willing to associate themselves with me in the light of these photo's - if you do know me, please don't tell anyone.

Go join the laughter and dancing at Topcat's house. There's a prize on offer!


melbagirl said...

Yeah, I recognise you.

I saw you in Coles the other day.

I was the lady who suddenly realised she had inadvertently strayed into the baby items aisle (again, darn it).

I bowled you over as I blindly fled to the safety, sanctity and security of the packets of pet food.

He, he, he. Kidding of course.

Stacie said...

Curls were in! I totally get the perm phase. I so would have had one myself, and even tried, but it didn't take. (lucky for me because curls do not do it for me)

Love the "Miss Nowhere Town" picture! Priceless!

Melanie said...

I absolutely kid you not, you and I were twins. Same poufy hair, same color (before I became a natural blond). But did you have the double wrap around belt and lime green asymetrical shirt? Oh I miss the 80's!

Lori said...

The shoes are a nice touch!

And I loved Howard Jones! Who is to blame? No one, noooooo one. No one ev-e-e-er, is to blame.

I think I'm giving you a run for your money, though. Don't count on winning that plate.

Topcat said...

Oh, I added you to the comp, then my computer went offline and I couldn't comment here! Was sure you thought I was a rude dog.

Well. As for that photo ... I saw you in Coles too, HA!!

Simply awesome. I love the 2nd pic! Thank you so much for entering. Did I mention that Mr TC will pick the winner? Heh.

BTW can I borrow your blog name? XOXOXOX

KandiB said...

I had that exact same haircut. Maybe we got our perms at the same place? Maybe we're BFFs and don't know it? Were those sandals Famolares? I had white ones. They were da bomb.