Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Warning - baby photos

Introducing my gorgeous nephew. Two weeks old and wide awake. The first pic is with his dad and the second shows that the brain washing starts early in their house with the football team dummy.

And this stunning vision in pink is my 2yo niece posing with one of our goats. She's a city girl but has no fear of animals and kept trying to cuddle the horse's leg, definitely not something I would recommend. This tiny tot is well and truly brain washed - she can sing the whole bloody football team song!


Sassy said...

Gorgeous kids. I love the goat too. :)

Wordgirl said...

What a gorgeous lot -- all of them -- even the grown up -- you all must make a scene in public places being so good looking ...




Wordgirl said...

Oh and I totally want a goat. Well actually I'd like sheep on an organic farm somewhere but for now I suppose I'll just dream :)


Topcat said...

Oh my .... your nephew is DIVINE. Seriously ... so alert! Amazing!

And, I'm with you on the food situation on the post below. That's a bit too ... forward for my liking. How's Roses friend eating the dip! Seriously!