Friday, 17 October 2008


I started syn.arel this morning. The monster headache has started already.

Psychosomatic I know.
What! You calling me a psycho?

Go away I'm not even talking to you.
Fine! I hate you!
Sorry, the bcp hormona-bitch keeps interrupting me. Thankfully pill stops Tuesday.
Why don't you like me anymore?
Did I do something to upset you?
Just. Go. Away!

Ahhhhh. I can't believe I pay through the nose for these side effects.


Mrs M@sk said...

I start sniffing on Monday. What clinic do you use? How funny if we were EPU bed-side-buddies :-)

melbagirl said...

I think I will be about two weeks behind you! Exciting times! I shall check back on you very often!

Melbagirl said...


I start sniffing on Friday! Yahoo, we shall be going through this together.