Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Goodbye IVF Clinic

We met with the IVF doc last night.

Apart from a few self congratulatory remarks, his first comment to us was "Don't go around telling everyone just yet". We then got the lectures about the risk of miscarriage is very high blah blah blah, you will have to have all the pre natal screening tests blah blah blah.

He is also an Ob and had obviously assumed we would use him, so I think we may have put his nose of of joint when we said we'd chosen another hospital so needed a referral to a new Ob. He even made a few disparaging remarks about the Ob we'd chosen. He hadn't received the scan report so we couldn't discuss that. I had a heap of questions, but he rushed us out very quickly saying again how he had thought there was no way this cycle was going to work for us.

When we got to the car, DH said "well that was awkward". We'd been totally booted off cloud nine, sent back down to feeling anxious again. This was always going to be our last meeting with the Clinic, but I was excited to think we'd be leaving on a high note, instead the only things up high were our middle fingers. Goodbye clinic, eff you and your lack of confidence. We'll show you!

I need to do a big ranting post about being a step parent again but I seriously can't be bothered. Suffice to say that DH doesn't understand and never will, perhaps I'll invite my mother to stay for a month - that might have a similar effect. SS Tiger had been here for almost 4 weeks, 2 of which I was sick and still had to put up with his tantrums and be his slave. This past week I have matched DH's working hours because I'd had enough. He'd overstayed his welcome, told me to shut up one too many times and thrown one too many tantrums.

Last night he was having a tantrum because he couldn't find on the computer how to update his - obviously the useless fucking computer and the stupid fucking chair's fault and that he doesn't know how to use his phone - anyway he started yelling at the cat because he was meowing at the door. All of a sudden the future became clear to me. When this baby is born the shit is well and truly going to hit the fan! My cats are one thing, but watch this mummy roar if any of them even think about yelling at my baby.


Melbagirl said...

Your ticker says 7 weeks and five days!! Wow!

Yeah, maybe you did put his nose out of joint. Maybe he had a headache. Who knows.

What an a**hole ... saying that he thought there was no way this cycle was going to work for you. Did he have any facts or a strong opinion that backed up this garbage? I suddenly don't like your doctor very much.

Get back on cloud nine love! That's where you belong.

And kick that Tiger up the bum! He needs to learn some respect, doesn't he?

Love hearing your strong maternal instincts - you go girl!

I haven't finished going on but I'm rambling now ... he he so happy for you.

Topcat said...

Ummm, memo to the doctor who said he "really didn't think this would work ..." ummm - you are a COCKSUCKER.

Louise, the step-parenting thing, oh I hear I HEAR YOU SISTA. So freaking hard sometimes! And the "real" parent has no idea how much we struggle with acceptance around it.

Methinks when your baby does come, (OMG I just typed that! How cool!) ... there will be a lot of changes in the dynamics at Chez Stepmonster. All for the better.


OHN said...

Wow. Glad you are not sticking with Dr. Asshole.

Rachel Inbar said...

Just catching up and WOOOOOOOOOOOOwwww! So glad to hear your news :-)

Rachel (mom to 3 by IVF, my husband's step-kids - and 3 more children together)

Joonie said...

I say good riddance to the IVF clinic. Good for you! On to the next step, that is wonderful!

Mrs M@sk said...

What is with these bloody clinics and after care? How friggin' rude. I'm glad your middle fingers were high as it was truly deserved.

Lisa said...

I hate your RE.

You are 8 weeks!!!!!!!

Polly Gamwich said...

Congrats on graduating! Sounds like a better fit if your RE is going to get all snooty about it.


jungletwins said...

Go you! So glad you're doing great, and happy you've moved on to a more pleasant OB.