Sunday, 10 February 2008

Evil Auntmonster

My SIL went away for the weekend with her parents so my brother and his 2 kids came to stay. With the stepkids here as well its been a huge couple of days. B's kids are 2 and 4 and their behaviour of late has been fairly atrocious and has been getting B down, so I was ready to play bad aunt and help whip them in to shape while their mother was not around to stop us. She molly-coddles them and lets them get away with murder then complains about it constantly. B has been trying to get them to say 'please' and 'thankyou' but SIL thinks its all too hard and unnecessary, so I was prepared to go into bat for B and put the kids though a politeness boot camp this weekend. But of course they were perfectly behaved all weekend. Four year old R was totally besotted by all our animals and the peewee motorbike. While 2 year old A was mostly really quite adorable apart from needing to be carried everywhere - B's fault, he forgot to bring the pram. Steppies were sweet with them but all sighed with relief when they left.

It could be the IVF drug cocktail, but more likely carrying around a 2 year old all weekend, I now have a sore neck and a stinker headache over my right eye, so am soon off to bed. What kind of mother will I make if I can't carry my baby around without getting a migrane?

I heard a talk-back radio discussion last week regarding the news that a Melbourne woman has given birth via IVF at the age of 54. Apparently she's been ttc for 20 years. People were ringing up to say things like 'these people' should just accept that they can't have children and 'deal with it'. I should have rung but didn't. I had just been talking to my chiropractor about what a well-oiled machine the human body is, and sometimes I do wonder if my body knows something I don't and maybe I am pushing it to do something its just not capable of.....

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Bside- Kenya said...

Never too early to learn manners. B is right teach them "thank you" and please Auntie