Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Cycle 10 Update #1

Sorry, no creative post titles today [not that that's really my forte anyway]. I am in the middle of writing a character reference for my eldest stepson to take to Court next week. Words like honest and sensible are sticking to the roof of my mouth. Words I would really like to use are LAZY, IMMATURE and IRRESPONSIBLE! Yep, in capitals with big black lines underneath too. Do you think the Judge would go easy on him if I explained my 'teenagers are aliens' theory? Probably not, doesn't seem to be working too well for Tom Cru.se at the moment.

I had a blood test at the clinic this morning. The usually gentle pathology nurse must of been off her game today [the bitchy comment about her colleague should have alerted me - see I'm off my game too] because I have the biggest bruise and my whole arm is sore.

Anyhoo... I just received the call back and am officially down regulated. I start the prognov@ tablets tomorrow, then have an ultrasound in 2 weeks. I've never taken the prognov@ before so I'm not sure what to expect. Which has just made me realise that I haven't had the standard 3-day-long monster headache that normally accompanies the down-reg cycle. Ha, got to be happy with that! Maybe the reflexology worked.

I had a reflexology session last week which i thoroughly enjoyed. Bugger all this soft and sensual full body massage with aromatherapy oils and mood lighting. I love a good, hard foot massage with the lights and all my clothes on! She gave me some points to do on my hands to stimulate the uterus to make a thick and juicy lining for my frostie baby. She suggested that I look into go.ji juice and said lots of people were having success with it, and there is certainly heaps of stuff about it on the net. I read all the info she gave me and was all ready to hand over the cash, but then I saw that she is a sales agent and it completely put me off. Is she trying to rip off the infertile kid or am I being overly cynical and missing an opportunity that just might make a difference? I'd probably go with cynical, but I guess I'll never know.


Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

Best of luck with the Progynova. I don't get any side effects. Wishing you a nice thick lining at your scan.

Bside- Kenya said...

Sorry your nurse was so rough and unfriendly. I'm a step-mom too. Just breathe and remember that they eventually have to go home or just SOMEWHERE els! lol

Claire said...

Good luck with starting your cycle! I'm a stepmom too to two teenage boys.

Rebecca said...

Good luck with everything...it sounds like your plate is very full. The judge would probably be in awe of you honesty with those words (coming from an 8th grade teacher). Good luck!