Thursday, 28 February 2008

Self-Medicating Idiot

Trust me, I know what I'm doing. My Harvard Medical Degree [bought legitimately via the internet] just hasn't arrived yet.

In my infinite wisdom, I have decided that I need more luteal phase support and so have increased my dosage of progesterone.

My theory is that because of the PCOS my hormones are completely stuffed and since my ovulatory phase is suspect at best, then my luteal phase is probably shot too. I'm a bit hazy on the reasoning, could be my edometrium is just not quite juicy enough or my natural progesterone peeters out a little to early towards the end, or maybe low estrogen levels are to blame. I discussed this with Doc last time I saw him and he agreed to factor that in for my next stim cycle. But he doesn't usually offer any further support during a FET cycle.

So I have increased my from once daily to once daily with an extra one slipped in every second day. Radical I know. Random, yeah I know that too. But apart from the risk of giving myself a false +ve pg test, I figure it probably won't hurt. Unlike the time I decided to increase my Pure.gon injections.... but thats another story.

I am a self-medicator from way back. Why do I think I know better than a doctor? Why must I meddle? Yes, you're right. I am an idiot. I know.


Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

As far as self medicating goes I would have to give this one a thumbs up ;-) Best of luck.

Wordgirl said...

I would totally do the fact I had leftover progesterone supplements and took it upon myself to use them during non-treatment cycles...and when a nurse tells me 'oh your progesterone is fine...don't worry' but then I spot on day nine? I think self-medication has it's uses...and not just that nightly glass of red wine :)


Kenya said...

OMG Be careful but I totally understand.

Melanie said...

Your comment cracked me up. My damn body seems to be following me around too much as well! She can be very traitorous though and these symptoms I have, I'm sure, are those of Mr. Progresterone and Ms. Estrogen. Are you going to POAS before you go for your beta?