Monday, 25 February 2008

Thaw Day

Oh its going to be a long day.... I can just feel it. I am waiting for the call from my nurse to advise the time for tomorrow's embryo transfer.

Of course this all rests on the ability of my dear 'frostie' to shake off the icicles and start yawning and stretching his little embryonic cells. Unfortunately he is on his lonesome in this awesome task. I am thinking of him and implore him to think warm and cosy thoughts and to continue the fantastic growth spurt he was on prior to the cryo experiment, when he enters the Hotel d'Ute tomorrow.

ewsdxc [this word of support was lovingly typed by your fur-brother Supercat - my knowledge of cat language is poor but I think it means something like 'thaw baby thaw'].

Edited to add:
Transfer is set for 11am tomorrow. No further news is good news, so I hope all is going well in the defrosting department.


Morrisa said...

Sending my thoughts for a nice warm little embie!!

Melanie said...

Best of luck to you tomorrow. (Seems like there are a lot of transfers tomorrow in blogland!!) I hope the great thaw is invigorating and successful!

Kenya said...

Good luck!!

LL said...

everything crossed, and I mean everything.

lots of luck...