Wednesday, 26 November 2008

ES loves DH

Today is our wedding anniversary. 3 years ago today I married by best friend.

He gave me a beautiful long-stemmed pink rose from our garden and I gave him a pee-stick with 2 distinct lines on it. Aren't we just soooo romantic!? Mind you, my response to the rose was something like 'thank you darling I love you' while he looked at the pee-stick, looked back at me and said 'oh dear'.

By the way, can someone please assure him that DH stands for Darling Husband not Dick Head!

My sciatica is playing up terribly this week so I'm hobbling round like an old woman. I'm also doing lots of eating (otherwise I tend to go all dizzy and sweaty), but that cannot possible explain the fact that my waist measurement has increased 7cms (almost 3 inches) in the past 2 weeks! WTF?! I still have some abdominal pain and cannot take really deep breaths (as in yawn) or sneeze without strong pain. So although the OHSS was very mild it seems to be still kicking around.

It's Batman's school graduation dinner this Friday night, and none of my clothes fit me. I feel massive - there better be a really good reason for this! Still holding my breath til Tuesday...


Stacie said...

Ha. Dick Head. Hee hee...that makes me laugh.

Happy anniversary! May next year be your best year together yet!

Are you saying that the pee sticks are getting darker? (sucks in breath) I am so hoping for you!!! The lingering OHSS symptoms are a positive sign I think...I am so excited...

Everything's still crossed here on my end.

Evil Stepmonster said...

Please don't hold your breath Stacie, you'll go blue and I'm too far away to resuscitate you! Yes the second line this morning was distinctly darker than Monday! Thanks for hoping for us.

Melbagirl said...

Well I'm holding my breath too! You must be just so anxious.

By the way ... To the Evil Stepmonster's Darling Husband:

DH stands for Darling Husband, not Dick Head!


Lisa said...

Oh gosh, HELLO! I've been too swamped to check blogs the past few days . . .

YIPPEE!! Double lines! Getting darker!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ES!!!!

Vee said...

Happy Anniversary !!!
You have lots to celebrate, good luck for Tuesday

Sassy said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm thinking good thoughts for Tuesday.

Joonie said...

Happy Anniversary! And congratulations on your first beta test! I just love it when all comes together!


Polly Gamwich said...

I just wanted to say hi. I found your blog by googling "oily hair after failed IVF" it found one of your March 07 posts.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and say WOW, what you've been through is amazing and I'm so sorry. I hope this time is very different. And I hope you get to become an evil mother ... enough of this evil stepmother business.

Big hugs,

Topcat said...

Happiest of Anniversaries!!! Yee-hah!! Hey .... we both got married in the same month, three years ago SNAP.

SO totally thinking of you for Tuesday. Hope you find something to wear tomorrow night :)


Mrs M@sk said...

Happ anniversary. Good luck with the next BETA and keep an eye on those OHSS symptoms! xo