Monday, 24 November 2008

Rinse and Repeat

New Nurse: Congratulations you're pregnant!
Jaded Patient (me): Really? Well that would explain why I feel so sick. What's the beta?
NN: The beta is 79.
JP: Oh.
NN: Let's make appointments now for another blood test next week and the week after that and then the 7 week ultrasound.
JP: Hahhahahhahaha. Oh, you're serious.... Um, ok sure, why not?

Not quite the number I was after, though eerily close to DH's dream of being told it was 78.

I really don't know what to think or say at this point. I want to be excited but we've been here before. I can't believe we have to wait until next Tuesday for another beta. I'll be gaga before then.

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post. Looks like I'm getting one last chance...


Glenda said...


Shew.....yay....and the waiting game continues (have been looking you up obsessively all day for the news).

Please please please.


Stacie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that this time will be different. I am with Glenda...please, please, please, please.

Mrs M@sk said...

One week for a repeat BETA???? Can you go any earlier??? Come on baby!

Vee said...

Ok I am quietly very excited for you! I have everything crossed for a nice high Beta...another week ? Crikey. I hope it passes quickly for you.

Melbagirl said...

☼ This is like a dream ☼

I had to re-read your post to make sure. Such fantastic news!

I am so very happy for you. Let's be quietly very very excited.

Melbagirl said...

By the way ... funny post!

Melanie said...

Fingers crossed, ok, eyes crossed too. Wonderful news. Let it be.

Peeveme said...

79 is great! What kind of crazy mad men make a woman wait a week for a second Beta? Sadists!

andi said...

Ooooooo - push for another beta tomorrow. Are you peeing on sticks? And tell us about 'feeling sick'. FINGERS CROSSED.

Topcat said...

Well. Gosh darn, Louise.

My first beta was 66. Even the nurse was not hopeful about it. That 66-beta is now asleep in the other room, farting away.

I don't want to get all hypo on giddy on you, but I AM excited. Truly, ruly.



m said...

Well done!!! I can't believe they're making you wait a whole week for your repeat beta - I'd go nuts!!!


Wordgirl said...


I go away for a week and look what happens -- this is the FIRST blog I checked on...I can't tell you how encouraged I am at this news.... (I am so so so so keeping everything crossed my friend)