Sunday, 16 November 2008

Wine on a Sunday

Nothing like a relaxing lunch and a nice bottle of wine on a lazy Sunday. Unfortunately today's wine comes with a H.

I think I may be over-stimulating. I had two booster hcg shots during the week as well as the progesterone supplement since Tuesday. I read the list of side effects for on Friday because I was experiencing breast pain (in the breast now affectionately known as 'Lumpy') and yes that is a common side effect. I had almost all the others listed as well.

Last night the bloating and full feeling was insane, accompanied by abdominal pain that wrapped around my back, nausea and I just couldn't seem to breath deeply enough. Its different to the last time I had ohss because that was mostly just abdominal pain, but much worse than last night.

I'm not too bad today, the swelling seems to have subsided a little and the pain has lessened. I can feel my ovaries are still huge because when I roll over in bed it feels like they squash or twist or something and if I happen to sneeze I think they're going to explode.

I hate to whinge, but I'm hoping someone else has felt like this and can tell me if ohss can sort of come and go like this or is it more likely to be just the side effects from the progesterone.


Wordgirl said...

From what I hear about what others have gone through I know that my situation was mild -- but they didn't know then that I was PCOS and gave me a relatively high dosage of Follistim -- I was very very bloated, very uncomfortable -- only made tolerable by extra strength tylenol -- I had no shortness of breath but was told that if I did I should get myself to the doctor -- and so I'm telling you -- perhaps you should check in with them -- at least perhaps a nurseline or something?

I was told two things: drink lots of gatorade -- and drink 'ensure' protein drinks --

Oh I hope you feel better soon!


Stacie said...

I did not have ohss, but I did have large cysts on my ovaries (sustained by the pregnancy hormones) well into my 1st trimester. They were painful at first, mostly like I had been punched in the gut, but it did go away after a week or so.

Did you call the RE about it?

Mrs M@sk said...

I am feeling the same. Not sure if it makes the experience okay or acceptable, but I am.

Topcat said...

I had OHSS. Every ultrasound I had after the embryo transfer, all my follies were big and yucky and so uncomfortable.

I really, really hope you feel better soon! XOX

Melbagirl said...

I feel like sitting next to you on the couch. I feel like watching DVDs and eating Tim Tams with you. Arrgh. I am driving myself mad. I am so hoping everything is OK for you.

I know I can said...


Well I don't really know what to tell you, In my second stimulated cycle I have the same experience, It was VERY painful, I was so sore that I even try not to move much... but at the end they retrieve 21 beautiful eggs 18 of those were successfully fertilize and I'm still using them and every time I go for an ET they say that the eggs are of very good quality. The first time were only 8 eggs and they never told me that they were good ones!

It's worth to say that at the moment of the ET (after the ovum pick up) I was feeling still quite bad, and I did ask the doctor about it, and he told me that it was perfectly normal and that the fact that I was sore from the over stimulation could even help the implantation, my over stimulation wasn't too severe but they keep me going every day so I wouldn't end sick or even worse losing the eggs!

I hope this help you a little, and I wish all the best for you!
Take care and call your nurses if you feel to bad or even if you just want to be sure that all that you're feeling is normal... remember the key is to try to stay calm and relax because the stress is the worse enemy to the IVF process!

All the best!